Woolworths Supermarkets—Woolworths Essentials Travel Hair Dryer...Recall 2009/11340 30 Dec 2009 Woolworths Essentials Travel Hair Dryer Model no: 1204 Model no: 1204 Faulty electrical switch within the handle, which could pose the potential risk of electric shock or fire. Potential electrical shock and
30 Dec 2009
ACCC takes action for breach of undertakings by Darwin tobacconist...News 3 Jul 2009 The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has filed Federal Court proceedings alleging breaches of court enforceable undertakings by a Darwin tobacconist, Colin Thompson. The ACCC alleges Mr Thompson has faile
03 Jul 2009
Order to display anti-smoking posters confirmed by Federal Court...News 5 Aug 2009 Darwin tobacconist Colin Thompson must display specified anti-smoking posters in his shop for three months, the Federal Court has confirmed. The court found Mr Thompson had breached court enforceable undertakings given t
05 Aug 2009
Tobacconist stopped from masking anti-smoking messages...News 30 Apr 2009 Australian Competition and Consumer Commission action has stopped Darwin tobacconist Mr Colin Thompson from covering health warnings, images and Quitline information on cigarette packets with stickers. From 9 February to 13 March
30 Apr 2009
Suppliers scolded over illegal hot water bottles...News 21 Jul 2009 The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is leading a nation-wide blitz on unsafe hot water bottles after more than 10 people in New South Wales were hospitalised with severe burns this winter alone. "Investigations by govern
21 Jul 2009