Rip Curl—“Stealth” personal flotation device (PFD)...Recall 2008/10527 24 Dec 2008 Type 3 models as follows: all batch numbers of styles 35332M, 36332M, W8332M, W9332M, W0332M, W9330M, W0330M; and batches 1166 and 1178 only of style W1332M (note that batches 1200 and 1212 of style W1332M are not subjec
24 Dec 2008
Basketball rings and backboards - Poster...Publication 16 Sep 2008 S AFETY ALER T Important notice. The information in this brochure is general in nature and may not be relevant to your specific circumstances. While the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has made every reasonable effort to
16 Sep 2008
Treadmills (domestic) - Safety alert...Publication 6 Nov 2008 SAFETY ALERT For further information contact ACCC Infocentre on 1300 302 502 GPO Box 3131 Canberra ACT 2601 For further information Publications can be ordered through the ACCC Infocentre or downloaded from the ACCC website.
06 Nov 2008
Homeart—Kings Sport Children's Swing...Recall 2008/9795 31 Jan 2008 The Kings Sport Children's moulded plastic swing consists of a one piece seat, a front T bar, shoulder safety straps with buckles and a synthetic cord with metal hooks. The swing marked SKU9611 was sold nationally in Homeart stores fro
31 Jan 2008
Funtastic Limited—Razor PowerWing Three-Wheeled Scooters...Recall 2008/10353 8 Oct 2008 This item was on sale at Kmart, Toys R Us, Target & Independent Toy and Sporting Retailers from April 2008 through to September 2008. Toys R Us - Serial numbers between Y804065851 – Y804066250. Target - Serial numbe
08 Oct 2008
Hunter Leisure Pty Ltd—Huffy Kids Water Bottle with Cage...Recall 2008/9923 31 Mar 2008 Item number 164/96944 (APN 931238296440). na na The bottle nozzle may dislodge and pose a potential choking hazard. Choking Customers should cease using this item immediately and return the Huffy Kids Water Bottle t
31 Mar 2008
Playcorp Pty Ltd—Deep Blue Learn to Swim—Swim Seat and Aqua Spirit Swim School—Swim Seat flotation devices...Recall 2008/10411 29 Oct 2008 The product is an inflatable flotation device consisting of a blue coloured inflatable seat within a yellow or orange inflatable square. It was designed for infants
29 Oct 2008
Trek Bicycles—MT220 Girls Bicycles...Recall 2008/9811 12 Feb 2008 2005 MT220 Girls - Light Metallic Blue and Metallic Silver/Metallic Purple. 2006 MT220 Girls - Metallic Silver/Metallic Purple and Pink/Pearl White. 2007 MT220 Girls - Metallic Purple and Pink/Pearl White. Only model years 2004, 2006 and
12 Feb 2008
Trek Bicycles Australia Pty Ltd—2009 Mystic Girls & 2009 Jet20 Boys bicycles...Recall 2008/10518 18 Dec 2008 Trek 2009 Mystic girls in blue and pink. Trek 2009 Jet 20 boys in black, white and blue. N/A N/A A small number of bicycles have been specified without a front brake set. Although the bicycles h
18 Dec 2008
Amer Sports Australia Pty Ltd—Heel component of ATOMIC Race, Xentrix, Device, Centro and DYNAMIC Ski BindingsCentro...Recall 2008/10522 19 Dec 2008 The ski bindings are intended for use with Alpine skis and were manufactured between 1998 and 2002 in Austria. The models included in the recall are as fol
19 Dec 2008