Fluke Australia Pty Ltd—ACD-10 and ACD-14 Digital Clamp Meters...Recall 2007/9137 21 Mar 2007 Item no. 2730641. Model No. ACD-10 PRO. Digital Clamp-On Multimeter. Item no. 2730652. Model No. ACD-10 TRMS-PRO. Digital Clamp-On Multimeter, True RMS. Item No. 2730665. Model No. ACD-14. HVAC Digital Clamp-O
21 Mar 2007
Ozito Industries Pty Ltd—Commercial Electric—Cool Touch Work Light...Recall 2007/9141 21 Mar 2007 Brand: Commercial Electric. Name: Cool Touch Work Light. Model: CEDL2X25WA. The product was sold at Bunnings Warehouse stores throughout Australia from 31 August 2006 to 15 February 2007. The product has a
21 Mar 2007
The Lincoln Electric Company—Gouging Torch fitted with cable assembly...Recall 2007/9072 22 Feb 2007 Lincoln Electric Gouging Torch. Model KLA4000+. Part No. 94009000. Lincoln Electric Gouging Torch Model B3. Part No. KA1207. Lincoln Electric Gouging Torch. Model B5. Part No. KA1220. Spare Parts. Model
22 Feb 2007
GE Inspection Technologies GMBH—Film Processor...Recall 2007/9041 13 Feb 2007 Model NDT M ECO type: 5203/200 The Residual Current Device in some film processors may be defective and may not trip until currents are higher than the trip settings. Electric shock. GE will contact all customers in Australia
13 Feb 2007
Nitto Kohki—Hydraulic Pump...Recall 2007/9478 27 Aug 2007 Model HPD05 Portable Hydraulic Pump (Double-Acting Hydraulic Pump used with HS Series Punches). The pumps were manufactured in Japan. Model numbers HPD-05 can be found on the face plate attached to the slanted part of the HPD-05 Pump's blue cove
27 Aug 2007
PWB Anchor Limited—10mm HA800 Pinlok Grab Hook...Recall 2007/9721 13 Dec 2007 PWB Anchor part number 40380 (Batch number 7A). The Hooks can be identified by the following markings: 10 PWB HA800 on one side; and 10 GRAB 40380 on the other. The Hooks were available for sale by the company between the per
13 Dec 2007
ResMed Ltd—S8 Family Flow Generators...Recall 2007/9219 26 Apr 2007 Model name: S8 Lightweight. Product code: 33032. ARTG no: 117912. Model name: S8 Autoscore - ANZ. Product code: 33033. ARTG no: 117912. Model name: S8 AutoSet Spirit - ANZ. Product code: 33126. ARTG no: 119243. Serial numbers are in th
26 Apr 2007