Systematic Pty Ltd—Ciitronella Bamboo Torch Candle...Recall 2007/8972 4 Jan 2007 Barcode:CANPAC000150. The candle does not satisfy the safety order for candlesticks in WA. Discontinue use and return product to Pure Zone store at Harbourtown Shopping Centre West Perth. Systematic Pty Ltd (Pure Zone) Wes
04 Jan 2007
GMC—WV1 1100W Garden Vac...Recall 2007/9248 9 May 2007 Rating Label applied to the rear of the motor cover with no electrical Approval Number (SGS/070066). Note, if SGS/070066 appears on the rating label then this product is NOT effected by the recall notification. The product was sold between August a
09 May 2007
Korbond—Citronella Candles...Recall 2007/9242 4 May 2007 4 Pack. Barcode 9310676159553. Sold at Metcash Stores since February 2007. The candles were also sold at Farmer Jacks Stores in Woodlands, Halls Head, Subiaco and Rockingham, Western Australia. The candle does not meet the requirements of the Pro
04 May 2007
Australian Discount Retail—Citronella Bamboo Torch...Recall 2007/9588 19 Oct 2007 Pack of 2 Citronella Bamboo Torch S/2 72cm. The product was sold in retail outlets trading as 'Go-Lo Discount Variety Stores', 'Makro Warehouse Stores' and 'Crazy Clark's Discount Variety Stores' between 1 August 2007 and
19 Oct 2007
Ozito Industries—12 volt water pump...Recall 2007/9562 11 Oct 2007 Model: OZCWP12A. The product is a cordless 12 volt water pump designed primarily for domestic or light industrial use. The pump was sold at Bunnings Warehouse stores throughout Australia from 9 May 2007 to 4 October 2007. Under some cir
11 Oct 2007
Onga—VF150 Sump Pump...Recall 2007/9629 5 Nov 2007 The pump was sold throughout Australia and New Zealand via the Onga dealer network from October 2006. Serial numbers 1006 C00001 (built in October 2006) to 0107 C02232 (built in January 2007). The serial number is located on the rating label attached t
05 Nov 2007