Honda—Sedan Vehicles...Recall 2004/6849 11 Mar 2004 Year Model 2001 Civic Sedan and 5 Door variant and certain 2002 Year Model Civic Sedans. Campaign 5CN N/A N/A Due to a defect, there is a possibility that the headlamp low beam may fail to operate. Headlamp malfunction. Owners of affected vehicles wil
11 Mar 2004
Honda—Accord V6 L Model...Recall 2004/7052 10 Jun 2004 Honda Accord 2000 year model Accord, V6 L model. (Campaign #742) N/A N/A A defect exists due to the possible failure of the dimmer control for the instrument panel lights (a transistor in the vehicles multiplex control unit). Component Failure. Own
10 Jun 2004