Waterco Limited—Swimming Pool Liquid Acid...Recall 2001/5114 14 Dec 2001 Aqua Health Liquid pH Decreaser - 5 Litre. Sold by Swimming Pool retail outlets within the Sydney and Canberra metropolitan areas and the NSW Central Coast. Some of the caps fitted to the containers are of tamper evident type but
14 Dec 2001
Bromic Pty Limited—RECA Gas Regulator and Hose Assembly...Recall 2001/4630 2 Jul 2001 Product purchased since 17 November 2000. Sold either individually or as part of a LPG gas appliance (including barbecues, heaters and camping equipment). Silver coloured RECA regulator with a production date code of
02 Jul 2001
Safety 1st—Auto Sensor Night Light...Recall 2001/4963 3 Oct 2001 Sold in major retail outlets as well as independent stores. May short circuit during a power surge thus short circuiting the light. Some of these lights may generate enough heat to dislodge the plastic cover possibly exposing live wires w
03 Oct 2001
Onga—Swimming Pool main drain cover...Recall 2001/4717 12 Apr 2001 Supplied from late 1993 to August 1999. A main drain fitted in the base of the pool to drain pool and connected to swimming pool pump to filter pool. The cover may be able to be removed without tools. If the cover is not replaced, this
12 Apr 2001
Wagner—Solar Garden Light...Recall 2001/4596 1 Mar 2001 Model - 'Contempra'. Part number 1016062. Sold between July 2000 and December 2000. In some situations this solar light is able to create an ignition point. This can result in either melting and smouldering of the mounting pole, or in some cases i
01 Mar 2001
Waterco Limited—Domestic In Ground Swimming Pool Outlet Cover...Recall 2001/4683 15 Mar 2001 Supplied from late 1994 onwards. A drain type feature in the base of the pool to collect leaves. The cover and basket can be removed to empty leaves. If not replaced in the housing at the bottom of the pool, th
15 Mar 2001