Florabelle Imports Pty Ltd—Rose/Camelia Candle Ring C24...Recall 2001/5106 14 Dec 2001 Sold from homeware stores in NSW. This product is flammable. Fire Cease use of this product immediately and return to the store of purchase for a full refund. For further information phone Florabelle on: (02) 9997 81
14 Dec 2001
MKY International Trading Co.—Gold Elephant Candle Holder and Gold Angel Candle Holder...Recall 2001/5105 14 Dec 2001 Gold Elephant Candle Holder Barcode: 932667 100 1520 and Gold Angel Candle Holder Barcode: 932667 1000080. Sold by variety stores. The Candle holders are flammable and do not meet the P
14 Dec 2001
Kambrook—Electric Frypan Model KEF015...Recall 2001/4867 8 Aug 2001 Banquet Frypan - Model KEF015 - Batch Number 042 only. All other batch numbers are unaffected. Both the Model number and the batch number appear on the underside of the frypan, stamped into the metal surround where the temperature cont
08 Aug 2001
Mackell Trading Company—Hot Water Bottles...Recall 2001/4904 24 Aug 2001 2 Litre hot water bottle with flannel cloth cover. All hot water bottles which contain the marking BS1970:1984 on its neck, purchased from IGA Retail Stores and Campbell's Cash & Carry Warehouse since 10 May 2001. The hot water bo
24 Aug 2001
Electrolux Home Products—Chef Gas Single Door Wall or Underbench Ovens...Recall 2001/4927 11 Sep 2001 Model Numbers: GOCE670BS-N&P, GOCE670S-N&P, GOCE670SA-N&P, GOCE670TN-N&P, GOCE670TR-N&P, GOCE670W-N&P, GOS610S-N&P, GOS610W-NYP, GOS630K-N&P, GOS630S-N&P, GOS630W-N&P. Serial numbers: 03170025 to 13470
11 Sep 2001
Altronic Distributors Pty Ltd—Powerhouse DC - AC Inverters...Recall 2001/4934 17 Sep 2001 Model M8042 - 12 to 240 volt Pure Sinewave; Model M8142 - 12 to 240 volt Mod Sinewave; Model M8146 - 12 to 240 volt Mod Sinewave; Model M8153 - 24 to 240 volt Mod Sinewave. Some purchasers may have connected the p
17 Sep 2001
J.D.A. Imports Pty Ltd—Moda fluid filled Drip Flows and Paper Weights...Recall 2001/4945 19 Sep 2001 Sold from Kleins retail outlets between the dates of January 2001 and August 2001. Model Numbers effected: 300142, 300122, 300405, 300537, 300395, 300180, 300235, 300029, 300222, 300143, 300031, 300621,
19 Sep 2001
Universal Gift Traders—Ginna Magic Floor Lamp...Recall 2001/4785 7 Jun 2001 Portable type new 2000 magic floor lamp, model Ginna. Does not comply with electrical safety requirements because: absence of a cover over the supply terminals, allowing user access to single insulated wiring and live parts; no
07 Jun 2001
Look Sharp Concepts Pty Ltd—Butterfly Night Light...Recall 2001/4804 29 Jun 2001 The Butterfly Night Light is labelled 'Sound Tech HL-BO1' and was available in the market place from February 2000. The Butterfly Night Light may overheat and melt and may pose a risk of electric shock and fire. Electric s
29 Jun 2001
Freedom Furniture—Sable Ottoman...Recall 2001/4839 25 Jul 2001 Sold between May 15th and July 18th this year. The Ottoman is imitation fur with a spotted leopard print. The zipper on the Ottoman has not been modified to comply with mandatory safety requirements as the foam bead filling presents a choki
25 Jul 2001