Rinnai—'Grand Hall' LPG Regulator...Recall 2000/4400 22 Aug 2000 All model Reg 9MCO and Reg 7060-9 Regulators.For Attention: Households and commercial premises using LPG bottled gas; marine craft owners, and caravan owners. N/A N/A A diaphragm fault in the primary regulator may result in a greater than
22 Aug 2000
Brivis—Gas Heaters...Recall 2000/4462 18 Sep 2000 Model EMS2. Manufactured between 13/4/1994 and 3/4/1997. Only units with the letters EMS on the thermostat control panel are affected. Do not operate the heater until the circuit board has been replaced. N/A N/A A defect in the circuit board may lead to
18 Sep 2000
Suzanne Paul—Red Devil portable barbecue...Recall 2000/4233 11 Feb 2000 Sold Between 1.11.1999 And 20.1. 2000 Via A Direct To Public Marketing Scheme Called Telemall Shopping. Has A Red Dome Shaped Lid On Which Is A Transfer Which Reads: "red Devil Portable Outdoor Kitchen Mfred By Cardac South Africa"
11 Feb 2000