Peerless Products Pty Ltd—Hydraulic Jacks...Recall 1999/4090 30 Sep 1999 3 And 5 Ton Bottle Jacks (blue Coloured). 2-1/4 Ton Trolley Jack (orange Coloured). Manufactured By Wen-an China. N/A N/A Do Not Comply With The Mandatory Australian/New Zealand Standard 2693-1993. The Base And Head Cap Are Smalle
30 Sep 1999
Fluke—T2 Electrical Tester...Recall 1999/4103 8 Oct 1999 Serial Numbers Between 70521601 And 74165430. If The T2 Has A Serial Number Lower Than 70521601 And It Does Not Have An "r" Stamped After The Serial Number, The T2 Was Not Repaired In The November 1998 Recall And Must Be Returned To Fluke For Rep
08 Oct 1999
Orica Australia Pty Ltd—Ferrepro Cold galvanising protective coating...Recall 1999/4186 13 Dec 1999 Ferrepro Cold Galvanising Protective Coating For Metallic Surfaces Batch A929 Exposure To Moisture May Cause Pressure Build Up Within The Can Which May Result In The Lid Flying Off Prior To Or During Ope
13 Dec 1999
BP—Avgas 100 aviation gasoline...Recall 2000/4210 24 Dec 1999 Relates Only To Piston-engined Light Aircraft. Airbp Business Sources It Supplies Of Avgas 100 From Mobil Oil Australia Limited (mobil) Via Its Yarraville Terminal. Presence Of A Contaminant Which Is Not Detectable By Normal Industry Standar
24 Dec 1999
Mobil Oil—Avgas aviation gasoline...Recall 2000/4200 30 Dec 1999 Relates Only To Piston-engined Light Aircraft. Available From The Altona Refinery Since Late November. Presence Of A Contaminant Which Is Not Detectable By Normal Industry Standard Specification Testing. Contamination Drain The Fuel And C
30 Dec 1999
Pub Gas—C Sized C02 Cylinders...Recall 1999/3962 1 Jun 1999 Despatched Between 1/8/98 And 30/11/98 From Wacol (qld) Filling Centre. Stamped "Luxfer" And 2.1kg W.c. And Have An 'Air Liquide' Label. N/A N/A Fitted With A Suspect Cylinder Valve. Under Rough Handling Conditions The Valve Stem May Break. Co
01 Jun 1999
Cigweld—Engine Driven Welding Unit...Recall 1999/3827 22 Feb 1999 Sold Between 1 May 1997 Up To And Including 16 February 1999. Applies To Products With Description: Mpm - 5/190h, 8/250h, 6/22k, 8/300k, 12/400k, 6/190k & 8/255h. Due To A Possible Electrical Problem, This Product May In Certain Circumst
22 Feb 1999