Caterpillar—5230 Excavator...Recall 1999/3850 5 Mar 1998 Campaign No. Pi1402. Date Range July 1995. The Boom Cylinder Hose May Foul On The Cab Resultng In Hot Hydraulic Spraying Into The Operators Cab. Component Failure. Caterpillar Of Australia Ltd Nationally...Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Re
05 Mar 1998
Cigweld—Product Containing Oxygen Hose Nuts...Recall 1998/3512 30 Mar 1998 Hose Connections; Welding Hose; Welding Outfits; And Accessories. N/A N/A A Small Proportion Of Oxygen Hose Nuts May Be Incorrectly Threaded Resulting In Oxygen Gas Being Released. Under Certain Conditions Fuel Gas Can Ignite Sp
30 Mar 1998
The Reject Shop—Trolley Jacks...Recall 1998/3520 15 Apr 1998 Rangier-wagenheber Hydraulic Trolley Jack The 2000 Kg The Jack May Not Carry Required Labelling Including Instructions For Operating The Jack. Weight Capacity May Only Be Up To The Range Of 1725 Kg. Component Failure Return Jack To Store For
15 Apr 1998
Dewalt—Corded Electric Screwdriver...Recall 1998/3676 21 Oct 1998 Model Number Dw256, Dw258, Dw266, Dw268, Dw269 Between And Including Date Code 9601 To 9833. Sold From 1/2/98 Until 20/10/98. When The Product Is Subjected To Excessive Humidity It May Deliver To The User A Mild Electrical Buzzing To The
21 Oct 1998
Frederick Duffield Pty Ltd—Flexible Gas Leads...Recall 1998/3679 26 Oct 1998 N/A HP Manifold Leads Cigweld Part Nos.: 360094, 360115, 360184, 360475, 360480 & 360516; Boc Gases Part Number: Bs1732 And Gascon Systems Part Number Mc400. HP Manifold Leads Cigweld Part Nos.: 360094, 360115, 360184, 360475,
26 Oct 1998
Fluke—T2 Electrical Tester...Recall 1998/3706 12 Nov 1998 Serial Numbers Less Than 70524051. Units That Have An "r" Stamped After The Serial Number Have Been Repaired And Are No Longer Affected. Sold In Australia Since February 1998. A Battery Contact To The Circuit Board Inside The Instrument Can Corr
12 Nov 1998
Bunnings—Multi-purpose Folding Ladder...Recall 1998/3478 17 Feb 1998 Sold During And Since August 1997. The Ladder Can Be Identified By Green Catches. The Catches May Be Faulty And In Some Circumstances May Pose A Safety Risk To Persons Using Or Near The Ladder. Injury. Contact The Supplier Undertaking
17 Feb 1998
Minibuster...Recall 1998/3582 8 Jul 1998 Received In Australia On 10 March 1998. The Minibuster Units Are Used To Extract And Filter Welding Fume Created During The Welding Process. na na The Input Lead Wiring Has Been Connected To The Correct Plug Terminals However May Not Have Been Looped Over The St
08 Jul 1998