Nationwide Import & Export—Christmas Lights...Recall 1998/3499 5 Mar 1998 Nature Light Set - 140 Lights; Miniature Light Set - 200 Lights; Stars - 100 Bag Pack; Lite Tree Top Lights - 55 Lights; Corrugated Pipe Snake Lights - 140 Lights. Sold In Western Sydney Region. Products Do Not Have Approval; Lam
05 Mar 1998
Maxim Hardwares—Electric Carving Knife...Recall 1998/3505 26 Mar 1998 Model 9090 May Not Have Grey Plug Covering A Recessed Visible Screw At The Base Of The Unit And May Pose An Electric Shock Hazard. Electric Shock. Return If Recessed Screw Is Exposed. (03) 9585 4660 Maxim Hardwares Pty Ltd...Australian
26 Mar 1998
Golden Buffalo—Toscana Furniture...Recall 1998/3506 26 Mar 1998 Furniture Fitted With 12v Halogen Lights Used In Conjunction With A 240 - 12v Isolating Transformer An Electric Shock May Occur If Direct Contact Is Made To The Wires. Electric Shock. Discontinue Use Of Lights Immediately, Remove From Powe
26 Mar 1998
NEC Australia—AC Adaptor Battery Charger...Recall 1998/3513 2 Apr 1998 Used With Nec Fido GSM Mobile Phone. A Potential Technical Fault Has Been Identified Which May Cause The Battery Charger To Malfunction And Overheat. Fire. A New Battery Charger Is Being Sent By Mail To All Customers With This Mobil
02 Apr 1998
Breville—Breadmaker Model Bb200...Recall 1998/3545 29 May 1998 Batch No. 744 Or Lower. If A Fault Occurs On The Power Circuit Board It May Result In Arcing, Which In Turn Could Lead To Overheating. Fire Call The Breville Customer Service Centre Toll Free On 1800 622 636 Between The Hours Of 8am To 8pm
29 May 1998
Arlec—Plug-in Night Light...Recall 1998/3559 12 Jun 1998 N/A Model Nl800; Date Batch No. 0697 Sold After 2/4/97; Date Batch No. 1497 Sold After 23/08/97. The Batch Number Is Located At The Base Of The Product. Model Nl800; Date Batch No. 0697 Sold After 2/4/97; Date Batch No. 1497 Sold After 23/08/97.
12 Jun 1998
Ringgrip—Quartz Halogen Bar Radiant Heaters...Recall 1998/3567 23 Jun 1998 Single Bar 1000w; Single Bar 1200w; Double Bar 1100w. Single Bar 1000w (Serial No. RQH10); Single Bar 1200w (Serial No. RQH20); Double Bar 1100w (Serial No. RQH30). Single Bar 1000w (Serial No. RQH10); Single Bar 1200w (Serial N
23 Jun 1998
Fluke—T2 Electrical Tester...Recall 1998/3706 12 Nov 1998 Serial Numbers Less Than 70524051. Units That Have An "r" Stamped After The Serial Number Have Been Repaired And Are No Longer Affected. Sold In Australia Since February 1998. A Battery Contact To The Circuit Board Inside The Instrument Can Corr
12 Nov 1998
Arthur Yates—The Clapper...Recall 1998/3713 16 Nov 1998 Sound Activated Switch For Appliances. Model Ausclapper. Approval No. N15836. The Clapper Fuse May Blow When Used With Some Appliances. Injury. Customers Should Return The Clapper To Point Of Purchase For Refund. Arthur Yates & Co. Limited Nationa
16 Nov 1998
Kanley Australia—Flexi Star Rope Light...Recall 1998/3741 8 Dec 1998 Model No. Kl0062. Approval No. N15161. Sold Through Bunnings Building Suppliers Stores. Applies To Purchases Before 1st December 1998. The Cap At The End Of The Light String Can Come Off Leading To A Risk Of Electric Shock. Electric S
08 Dec 1998