John Deere Limited—Z900A/997 ZTrak™ Operator Seat Inspection

Identifying features

Machines in this program will be within the following serial number range:

TC910AF010011 - TC910AF010695 TC910AH010008 - TC910AH010595
TC920AG010007 - TC920AG010088 TC920AK010016 - TC920AK010748
TC920AL010002 - TC920AL010096 TC920AM010030 - TC920AM010720
TC925AB010062 - TC925AB010345 TC925AP010729 - TC925AP012260
TC930AP010004 - TC930AP011001 TC930AR010124 - TC930AR010335
TC930AS010086 - TC930AS010103 TC950AA01216 - TC950AA010367
TC950AE010063 - TC950AE010169 TC950AV010229 - TC950AV010512
TC960AF010121 - TC960AF010128 TC960AJ010050 - TC960AJ010114
TC970AD010057 - TC970AD010141 TC997RB055002 - TC997RB055063
TC997SB055001 - TC997SB 055168 TC997SC055006 - TC997SC055377

Campaign Number: 10TC103
Target Number: 63

What are the defects?

The fabric material on the bottom of the seat may not have been manufactured to specification.

What are the hazards?

The material could tear which may affect how the seat switch functions. The seat switch may stop working or only work intermittently. This will cause either the machine to shut off or the mower blades to continue to run even if the operator gets off the seat.

What should consumers do?

Owners should contact their John Deere Dealer immediately to schedule an appointment to have this program completed on the unit.

Traders who sold this product

John Deere Dealers

Where the product was sold

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Responsible regulator

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is the responsible regulator for this recall.

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
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