Hewlett-Packard Australia Pty Ltd—AC Power Cord Set

Identifying features

Model “LS-15” moulded marking on Appliance connector

What are the defects?

In some instances the ‘LS-15’ connector’s electrical insulation may degrade over time with the potential to overheat, posing a fire and burn hazard.

What are the hazards?

The AC power cord Appliance connectors have the potential to overheat, posing a fire and burn hazard

What should consumers do?

1. Immediately stop using AC power cord.
2. Visit the HP Notebook PC AC Power Cord Recall website to verify if AC power cord is part of this program
3. Order a replacement cord if power cord is verified as affected.

Traders who sold this product

Supplied with HP & Compaq Notebook and Mini notebooks PCs and accessories such as docking stations.

Where the product was sold
Dates available for sale
  • 1 September 2010 - 30 June 2012

Responsible regulator

Energy Safe (VIC) is the responsible regulator for this recall.

Energy Safe (VIC)
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