CooperVision Australia Pty Ltd—Avaira Toric Contact Lenses

Identifying features

Various lot numbers (see instructions below).

What are the defects?

CooperVision Australia Pty Ltd received complaints of temporary hazy or blurry vision and discomfort from wearers. This recall is part of a global voluntary recall of specific lots.

Laboratory tests have found that these symptoms were caused by a small amount of residue on the lenses. In all reported cases the symptoms were temporary and reversed after the contact lenses were removed. There have been no reported cases of permanent eye damage.

What are the hazards?

Temporary hazy or blurry vision and discomfort.

What should consumers do?

Discontinue use of Avaira Toric contact lenses until you have checked the lot number. Check whether or not the lot number of your product is included in the recall by:

◦ viewing the recall notice on
◦ contacting the CooperVision customer service line on 1800 722 310
◦ contacting your eye care practitioner.

If your product is included in the recall, return it to your place of purchase for a replacement or a refund.

If you have experienced blurry vision or discomfort while wearing these contact lenses, and the symptoms have not resolved within two hours of removing the lenses, contact your eye care practitioner for further advice.

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Responsible regulator

Therapeutic Goods Administration is the responsible regulator for this recall.

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