Bruce Imports—Leptin Green Coffee 800, Leptin Slimming Coffee (Rose Curve), Leptin Weight Loss Jelly and Lose Weight Coffee

Identifying features

Date Markings:
Leptin Green Coffee 800 – 13/09/2012
Leptin Slimming Coffee (Rose Curve) – 18/09/2012
My Leptin Weight Loss Jelly – 18/04/2012
Lose Weight Coffee – 14/05/2012

Lot Codes:
Leptin Green Coffee 800 - 201009
Leptin Slimming Coffee (Rose Curve) - 201009
My Leptin Weight Loss Jelly - 201004
Lose Weight Coffee - 20100515

What are the defects?

Product contains sibutramine, a prescription medication not permitted in foods.

What are the hazards?

Consuming this product could lead to a higher risk of cardiovascular disease in people who are overweight or obese.

What should consumers do?

Customers are advised not to consume the products. Any consumers concerned about their health should seek medical advice.

Customers should return the product to the place of purchase for a full cash refund.

For further information please call Bruce Imports on ph: 0447 421 002

Bruce Imports
Traders who sold this product

This product has been available for sale online and distributed directly to consumers via postal orders.

Where the product was sold

Coordinating agency

Food Standards Australia New Zealand is the coordinating agency for this recall.

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