Product bans

Bans can be placed on products and product-related services if there is a risk that they may cause serious injury, illness or death.

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Banned products

All current Commonwealth permanent and interim product safety bans, and state and territory interim bans.

Candles with lead wicks

Candles with wicks containing more than 0.06 per cent lead are banned in Australia.

Combustible candle holders

Candle holders and decorations that ignite from the heat of the candle are permanently banned from supply in Australia.

DEHP in children's plastic items

The ban applies to toys, childcare articles, eating vessels and utensils that meet certain criteria.

Fire footbags & other such goods

Fire footbags and similar items are banned in Australia.

Gas masks with asbestos breathing devices

Gas masks that contain asbestos are banned from supply in Australia.

Glucomannan in tablet form

Glucomannan in tablet form is banned from supply in Australia.

Mini jelly cups containing konjac

Mini jelly cups containing konjac are banned in Australia.

Novelty cigarette lighters

There is a permanent ban on novelty cigarette lighters in Australia.

Novelty cigarettes

Novelty cigarettes or ‘puff cigarettes’ are banned in Australia.

Pools and spas with unsafe design features

Portable pools and spas with unsafe 'potty-style' skimmer boxes cannot be supplied in Australia due to the risks of entrapment and drowning.

Sky lanterns

Sky lanterns are banned from supply in Australia.

Small high powered magnets

The ban applies to separable or loose magnets that meet certain criteria.

Smokeless tobacco products

Chewing tobacco and snuffs intended for oral use are banned from supply in Australia.

Tinted headlight covers

Tinted headlight covers that restrict more than fifteen percent of a headlight's beams are permanently banned.

Tongue studs without holes

No hole tongue studs are banned in Australia.

Toothpaste containing diethylene glycol

Toothpaste containing more than 0.25 per cent by weight of diethylene glycol (DEG) is banned from supply in Australia.

Toys containing beads

There is a permanent ban on the sale of inflatable toys, novelties and furniture that have loose beads or small particles inside the product, due to the risk of choking or suffocation for young children.

Undeclared knives or cutters in stationery sets

Children's art, craft and stationery sets that include a knife or cutter cannot be sold unless the knife or cutter is declared.

Yo-Yo water balls

Yo-yo water balls or other similar liquid-filled novelties are banned from supply in Australia.