1 Aug 2014

Safety standards for cots, prams, strollers and bunk beds under review

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is alerting suppliers of children’s products to potential changes to three product safety standards (mandatory standards) for cots, prams and strollers and bunk beds.
28 Jul 2014

QLD: Take care with heat/wheat packs

The Queensland Office of Fair Trading is warning Queenslanders to be vigilant with their use of wheat bags and heat packs through not only the final month of winter, but all year round.
23 Jul 2014

NSW: Consumers warned of wheat bag fire risk

New South Wales Minister for Fair Trading Matthew Mason-Cox today warned residents to be vigilant with wheat bags and heat packs following two related fire incidents last week.
23 Jul 2014

ACCC acts on show bag dangers at Darwin show

The ACCC has inspected show bags ahead of tomorrow’s opening of Royal Darwin Show to ensure products meet safety requirements under the Australian Consumer Law
16 Jul 2014

NSW: Safety warning: Ethanol fireplaces

NSW Fair Trading Minister Matthew Mason-Cox today urged owners of ethanol fireplaces to be vigilant this winter following reports of several incidents involving ethanol fireplaces in Queensland.
11 Jul 2014

QLD: Attorney-General issues safety warning

An investigation has been launched and a formal safety warning issued following several serious incidents involving ethanol fireplaces.
11 Jul 2014

NT: Territory Day promotional bracelet

Intex International Group Pty Ltd has issued a Product Safety Recall for the promotional bracelets contained in the Territory Day merchandise packs, recently distributed through schools by the Northern Territory Government.
1 Jul 2014

ACCC releases new tool to help parents identify choking hazards for children

The ACCC has released a free do-it-yourself ‘Choke Check’ safety tool to help parents detect choking hazards for babies and toddlers.
24 Jun 2014

Consultation for the review of the mandatory standard for child car restraints

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is reviewing the mandatory safety standard for child restraints for use in motor vehicles. Stakeholders are invited to make written submissions on the consultation paper by close of business Friday 18 July 2014.
22 Jun 2014

NSW: Is your baby close enough to kiss?

New South Wales Fair Trading Commissioner Rod Stowe today issued a warning on baby sling carriers, in support of a Queensland-led national campaign.