23 Aug 2012

NSW: Interim ban on novelty products with small magnets

NSW Fair Trading Minister Anthony Roberts has announced New South Wales, together with other state and territory regulators, will today place an interim ban on a range of novelty products that contain small magnets.
22 Aug 2012

Proposed Ban for Small, High-Powered Magnets

A process to ban small, high-powered magnets that can cause serious injury or death if swallowed by children has been initiated, said Assistant Treasurer David Bradbury.
21 Aug 2012

ACCC action results in $25,000 product safety campaign for remote Indigenous communities

Product safety in remote Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory will benefit from a $25,000 consumer education campaign following Australian Competition and Consumer Commission surveillance and enforcement action.
20 Aug 2012

Showbag safety up for inspection

Ahead of this year’s Royal Show, the Product Safety team from Consumer and Business Services has inspected the 1350 toys and novelty items that will be in this year’s showbags, to ensure compliance with mandatory safety standards.
15 Aug 2012

ACCC issues alert about asbestos in car gaskets

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is monitoring a recall of approximately 23,000 Great Wall and Chery motor vehicles with engine and exhaust gaskets containing asbestos. The Chery J1 model and newly imported stock of both brands are unaffected by the recall.
31 Jul 2012

ACCC releases app to help keep babies safe

Parents, carers and parents-to-be can use their iPhones or iPads to easily access a range of infant and nursery product safety information from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission following the launch of a free app.
27 Jul 2012

Winter Safety Warnings

With cold nights continuing in South Australia, Consumer and Business Services is warning people to be careful when they buy winter warming products, with some items recently being removed from sale in South Australian shops.
24 Jul 2012

Review of mandatory standard for baby walkers - second round consultation

The ACCC has amended the draft revised mandatory standard for baby walkers since the first round of consultation.
24 Jul 2012

ACCC winter safety tips prompted by product recalls

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission issued its top five winter product safety tips following recalls of popular products in the cold winter months.
23 Jul 2012

ACCC safety inspection for showbags at Royal Darwin Show

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission will again be inspecting showbags ahead of the Royal Darwin Show to ensure products included in the bags meet mandatory safety requirements.