21 Sep 2012

SA: New guide helps keep dangerous products off the shelves

A new national product safety guide has been released to help businesses weed out potentially dangerous or banned products before they are offered for sale.
19 Sep 2012

WA: Royal Showbags given seal of approval

280 showbags pass WA Consumer Protection product safety tests & no poisonous elements detected in toys sent for lab testing
10 Sep 2012

ACCC’s Product Safety Twitter account updated: new look and name

We’ve given our Product Safety Twitter account a brand new look.

6 Sep 2012

Mobility scooters not restricted to the elderly: NRMA & ACCC release report

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and NRMA Motoring & Services are highlighting the need for more education on integrating mobility scooters into local communities after survey results show scooter use is widespread across all age groups and people are using scooters to fill a variety of needs.
3 Sep 2012

QLD: Bunk bed compliance for short-term rental accommodation

From 21 October 2013 bunk beds supplied in short-term rental accommodation in Queensland will have to meet mandatory safety standards. Find out more...
29 Aug 2012

ACT: Ban on small high powered magnets

ACT Commissioner for Fair Trading, Brett Phillips, has today announced that certain adult magnetic products that are unsafe for children will be banned from sale in the ACT.
23 Aug 2012

VIC: Small high powered magnets immediately banned

Small magnetic novelty items that can cause grave health risks if swallowed are now banned in Victoria, Minister for Consumer Affairs Michael O’Brien announced today.
23 Aug 2012

TAS: Interim product safety ban imposed

The Minster for Consumer Protection, Nick McKim, today imposed an interim ban on the sale of small, high-powered magnets that can cause serious injury or death if swallowed by children.
23 Aug 2012

WA: Dangerous magnets banned after child death and injuries

The WA Government has placed a product safety ban on magnetised novelty items which have killed a young child and recently caused injuries to several other children in Australia. Commerce Minister Simon O’Brien approved the ban today.
23 Aug 2012

SA: Interim ban on small powerful magnets

The Acting Minister for Business Services and Consumers, Patrick Conlon has today announced an interim ban on small high-powered magnets that can cause serious injury or death if swallowed.