19 Oct 2012

International Product Safety Week Highlights Risks of Buying Online

Consumers can now check recalls internationally following the launch of a global recalls portal, GlobalRecalls. The ACCC today advised Australian consumers to avoid potential safety issues by ensuring their online purchases meet mandatory Australian Safety Standards.
19 Oct 2012

VIC: Ban extended on small powerful magnets - News alert

The Victorian Minister for Consumer Affairs, Michael O’Brien, has extended for 30 days a ban on small magnets used in certain novelty items marketed to adults.
18 Oct 2012

Straight off, straight out of reach! Staying safe with hair straighteners

Did you know that a hair straightener can get hot enough to fry an egg? Check out safety information on hair straighteners from Queensland Office of Fair Trading.

18 Oct 2012

QLD: Safety campaign aims to halt rise in burns to children

Each week in Queensland a child suffers serious burns from hair straighteners. That’s the stark reality behind the Office of Fair Trading’s latest safety campaign, Straight off, straight out of reach.
16 Oct 2012

NSW: Urgent safety recall of novelty lighters

NSW Fair Trading Minister Anthony Roberts has alerted the public to an urgent safety recall of novelty cigarette lighters that pose a risk to young children.
12 Oct 2012

Proposed new safety standard for the supply of portable swimming pools

The ACCC is seeking comment on the proposed draft mandatory standard for portable swimming pools.
11 Oct 2012

SA: Children’s sleepwear removed from sale

Children’s sleepwear and cosmetic items have been removed from sale as part of a product safety surveillance program across regional and metropolitan South Australia.
21 Sep 2012

New guide helps $2 shops and discount stores keep dangerous products off the shelves

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and state and territory consumer protection agencies, led by Victoria, have developed a new guide for ‘two dollar’ shops, discount variety stores and weekend market stallholders to help them understand their mandatory product safety requirements and ensure the products they are selling are safe.
21 Sep 2012

WA: Product safety guide targets discount and toy stores

Safety officers from Western Australia Consumer Protection will be distributing a product safety guide for discount variety and toy stores in WA as part of a campaign to ensure all items on sale meet national safety standards.
21 Sep 2012

NSW: New guide to help keep dangerous products off the shelves

NSW Fair Trading Minister Anthony Roberts today welcomed a new national product safety guide that will help businesses identify potentially dangerous or banned products and ensure all products meet national mandatory safety standards.