17 Feb 2010

New safety campaign to save children's lives

New South Wales parents are being urged to check their blind and curtain cords as part of a new safety campaign to prevent children being injured and killed.
17 Feb 2010

Swim great urges Victorians to make cords safe

Today Minister for Consumer Affairs Tony Robinson and Nicole Livingstone, continued to warn Victorians about the childhood strangulation risk associated with blind and curtain cords.
28 Jan 2010

Free safety kit to prevent curtain cord injury and death

Victorian families can now get a free blind and curtain cord safety kit to keep dangerous cords out of the way of babies and small children, thanks to a new State Government safety campaign.
7 Jan 2010

CAV minister crushes unsafe toys

More than 30,000 unsafe toys were seized in Victoria last year, some of which will today be destroyed to ensure they don’t make it into Victorian homes, Consumer Affairs Minister Tony Robinson said today.