28 Jan 2010

Free safety kit to prevent curtain cord injury and death

Victorian families can now get a free blind and curtain cord safety kit to keep dangerous cords out of the way of babies and small children, thanks to a new State Government safety campaign.
23 Jan 2010

Toy-like cigarette lighters banned

Minister for Fair Trading Peter Lawlor has ordered an interim ban on the sale of toy-like novelty cigarette lighters in Queensland.
18 Jan 2010

Minister issues warning to online shoppers

Minister for Fair Trading, Virginia Judge, today urged consumers to proceed with caution when shopping online.
15 Jan 2010

National recall of electric heaters

New South Wales consumers are being urged to check their electric heaters following a national recall of wall mounted and portable heaters that pose a potential fire hazard.
15 Jan 2010

Novelty cigarette lighters banned

The Commissioner for Fair Trading, Mr Jon Quiggin, today announced that a range of novelty cigarette lighters shaped like toys such as frogs, hammers, cars and ducks will be banned from sale pending further investigations.
14 Jan 2010

Recall of faulty hair dryers

Fair Trading Minister, Virginia Judge, is urging consumers to check their hair dryers following a national recall of Woolworths-branded products that pose a potential fire and electrical hazard.
13 Jan 2010

Recalls save lives

Fair Trading Minister Virginia Judge is urging consumers not to become blasé about product safety recalls following the explosion of an oven at Windsor over the weekend.
7 Jan 2010

CAV minister crushes unsafe toys

More than 30,000 unsafe toys were seized in Victoria last year, some of which will today be destroyed to ensure they don’t make it into Victorian homes, Consumer Affairs Minister Tony Robinson said today.
6 Jan 2010

Novelty lighters banned

Cigarette lighters that look like toys have been banned from sale in South Australia to prevent fires and burn injuries to children and adults.