2 May 2019

WA: Ethanol burner ban reminder following serious incident in Perth

A decorative alcohol-fuelled (ethanol) burner exploded in a suburban backyard in Perth’s southern suburbs at the weekend, prompting a reminder to consumers that certain table-top models have been b

2 Jan 2018

ACCC surveillance activity targets decorative alcohol fuelled devices

In August 2017, the ACCC undertook surveillance focussing on the supply of decorative alcohol fuelled devices, more commonly known as ethanol burners.

10 Jul 2017

Decorative alcohol fuelled devices

Decorative alcohol fuelled devices are designed for domestic use and produce a flame using alcohol as fuel. The devices are primarily used for decoration although larger models also may provide heating.

10 Jul 2017

Safety standard for ethanol burners

A new safety standard for decorative alcohol-fuelled devices, also known as ethanol burners, will ensure consumers’ safety, Small Business Minister Michael McCormack says.

24 Dec 2016

Tas: Ban on portable decorative ethanol burners

An interim ban on portable decorative ethanol burners has been enacted in Tasmania.

23 Dec 2016

NT: Decorative Alchohol Fuelled Burners Banned in the NT

Decorative alcohol fuelled burners designed for table-top use are the subject of an immediate 60-day interim product safety ban throughout the Northern Territory.

22 Dec 2016

ACT: Ban on Portable Ethanol Burners

The ACT have imposed an interim ban on the sale of ethanol burners on 22 December 2016.

21 Dec 2016

Decorative burners on notice ahead of national ban

The Minister for Small Business Michael McCormack has issued a national proposed ban notice for certain types of decorative alcohol fueled burners, also known as ethanol burners.

21 Dec 2016

VIC: Product safety ban on portable ethanol burners

Portable decorative ethanol burners have been banned from sale in Victoria, with recent serious injuries reported throughout Australia raising concerns about their safety.

21 Dec 2016

QLD: Ethanol Burners

An interim ban interim ban on the sale of unsafe ethanol burners was imposed on 21 December 2016.