15 Jan 2010

Novelty cigarette lighters banned

The Commissioner for Fair Trading, Mr Jon Quiggin, today announced that a range of novelty cigarette lighters shaped like toys such as frogs, hammers, cars and ducks will be banned from sale pending further investigations.
14 Jan 2010

Recall of faulty hair dryers

Fair Trading Minister, Virginia Judge, is urging consumers to check their hair dryers following a national recall of Woolworths-branded products that pose a potential fire and electrical hazard.
6 Jan 2010

Novelty lighters banned

Cigarette lighters that look like toys have been banned from sale in South Australia to prevent fires and burn injuries to children and adults.
21 Dec 2009

Make sure your holiday doesn’t turn to tragedy

Take a little time to ensure your holiday accommodation is safe for you and your children is the message from the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) these Christmas holidays.
16 Dec 2009

Eurolux wall heater recall

Fair Trading Minister Virginia Judge today announced the voluntary recall of two models of Eurolux wall heaters that pose a potential fire or electrical hazard.
8 Dec 2009

Fair Trading supports national call for blind cord safety

The Office of Fair Trading has thrown its full support behind the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) campaign to increase awareness of the dangers of blind and curtain cords.
8 Dec 2009

Launch of blind cord safety campaign to prevent WA child deaths

Consumer Protection is launching a new safety campaign today to warn parents and carers of children about the dangers of blind and curtain cords in a bid to prevent further child deaths.
8 Dec 2009

ACCC leads national action to raise awareness of blind and curtain cord dangers

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is leading a nation-wide campaign to check and fix dangerous blind and curtain cords after two infants were strangled by cords earlier this year.
8 Dec 2009

Safety authorities warn consumers of blind cord danger

Consumers are being advised to keep looped blind and curtain cords out of reach of young children to prevent strangulation.
7 Dec 2009

Launch of blind cord strategy

The ACT will participate in a national strategy to raise awareness of the threat to infants and young children of loose blind and curtain cords and chains. Kidsafe ACT and the Office of Regulatory Services (ORS) will work together on a number of strategies which follow renewed concern after the recent deaths of two infants.