28 Mar 2013

QLD: Tips for snatch strap safety this Easter break

Four-wheel drive enthusiasts planning to make the most of the Easter break are reminded to be safe when using vehicle recovery straps.
9 Nov 2012

VIC: Dekech Pty Ltd and Kim Huee Lee - Enforceable undertaking

Victoria, Springvale-based company Dekech Pty Ltd and its director, Kim Huee Lee have admitted breaching the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) by supplying, offering and possessing hydraulic trolley jacks which failed to comply with safety standards.
24 Jul 2012

ACCC winter safety tips prompted by product recalls

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission issued its top five winter product safety tips following recalls of popular products in the cold winter months.
28 May 2012

Trolley jack supplier pays for breaching safety standard

TWM Imports Pty Ltd has paid three infringement notices totalling $19,800 and provided a court enforceable undertaking for supplying hydraulic trolley jacks which failed the mandatory safety standard.
15 Apr 2011

Take care when using motor vehicle recovery straps

The Queensland Office of Fair Trading (OFT) is reminding Queensland consumers about the potential dangers of “recovery’’ straps that are used to free bogged or immobilised vehicles.
26 Mar 2010

DIY + safety = a safe Easter break

Consumer Affairs Victoria Director Dr Claire Noone is urging Victorians to stay safe as people use the Easter break to catch up on their DIY jobs.
26 Aug 2009

Online child car restraint recalls trigger ACCC alert

A second recall of unsafe child car restraints by online traders has prompted a serious safety alert from Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Deputy Chair, Peter Kell.
4 Aug 2009

Non-compliant trolley jacks withdrawn from sale

Incorrectly labelled trolley jacks have been withdrawn from sale after Australian Competition and Consumer Commission intervention.
10 Jul 2009

Car jack incident a timely warning

An incident in Melbourne this week where a man was pinned underneath a car after a jack collapsed is a timely warning about the proper use of the products, Australian Competition and Consumer Commission Deputy Chair, Peter Kell, warned today.
7 Apr 2009

Easter—DIY safely

For many Australians the Easter break is the ideal time to catch up on those 'little jobs' that go undone on a normal weekend.