WA: Royal Showbags given seal of approval


Perth’s Royal Showbags have been given the seal of approval by Consumer Protection after a thorough product safety inspection of the contents of 280 bags.

Commerce Minister Simon O’Brien said toys and novelty objects inside the bags had been examined to make sure they posed no danger to children, and that the overall result was a thumbs up, as was the case in 2011.

“Inspections focussed on potential choking or strangulation hazards, sharp edges and labelling. Minor labelling issues were identified but have since been rectified,” the Minister said.

“A few toys were sent for laboratory testing to ascertain whether there were high levels of poisonous elements such as lead, mercury or arsenic, present. Thankfully nothing untoward was detected.”

The Minister commended the Royal Agricultural Society (RAS) for its annual inspection invitation to Consumer Protection’s Product Safety team.

“The co-operative relationship between the RAS and Consumer Protection means that showgoers can be sure that Perth’s Royal Showbags meet Australian safety standards. Despite that peace of mind anyone choosing toys should consider the suitability in relation to the age and stage of development of the child in question.”

The Minister said information had also been offered to stallholders to ensure they are aware of safety standards prior to selling items at the show. “Compliance of stallholders seems to be improving year on year which is very encouraging for this important event in Perth’s calendar.”

Fact File

  • Perth Royal Show runs 29 September-6 October 2012
  • Since 2010, there has been no cause to remove items from showbags due to dangerous levels of lead or other heavy metals
  • Traders selling non-compliant products can face prosecution, with penalties from $220,000 for individuals and up to $1,100,000 for corporations
  • More information about product safety can be found at www.commerce.wa.gov.au/consumerprotection  or www.productsafety.gov.au

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