Vic: King Sky Group Pty Ltd and Ji Dong Miao - Enforceable undertaking


A Moorabbin importer and its company secretary have admitted supplying toys that contravene mandatory safety standards.

Ji Dong Miao acknowledged that King Sky Group Pty Ltd had breached the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) between January and July 2012 by offering, supplying or possessing the banned goods which contravened the mandatory safety standards.

In July 2012, Consumer Affairs Victoria inspectors seized 534 banned items, including three kinds of wooden children’s pull-along toys:

  • 204 ‘Baby Supplies duck tractors’
  • 30 ‘Wisdom Duck’ pull car wooden toys
  • 120 ‘Pull Along Dragon’ wooden toys, and
  •  180 ‘Wisdom Box Wooden Toy’ shape sorters.

The items contained small, removable parts that posed a choking hazard to young children.

King Sky Group Pty Ltd and Mr Miao, a 30 per cent shareholder, gave undertakings to the Director of Consumer Affairs Victoria, to:

  • refrain from offering, supplying or possessing goods which do not meet the requirements of a mandatory safety standard, interim or permanent ban order or information standard
  • voluntarily recall any banned goods sold or supplied
  • pay for the publication of a public product safety warning and recall notice:
    o on its website
    o at each of the company’s business premises for three months
    o in a local newspaper.
  • write/email, where possible, all consumers they sold the banned goods to, warning of their dangers and offering a refund
  • pay refunds to anyone returning the non-compliant goods
  • implement and maintain a compliance program designed to ensure no further contraventions
  • pay for the destruction of the seized goods.

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King Sky Group Pty Ltd and Ji Dong Miao – Enforceable undertaking (Word, 16MB)

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