VIC: Free help to fix a household hazard


Consumer Affairs Victoria is reminding families of the danger of strangulation presented by curtain and blind cords and offering free help to reduce the risk.

To reduce this risk, in 2010, the regulator launched a campaign to make tens of thousands of Victorian homes safer by distributing free home safety to kits to households across the state.

Director of Consumer Affairs Victoria Claire Noone said since then, they had distributed more than 21,000 kits but more were still available.

“Curtain and blinds cords present a real safety risk as they can form a loop and get tangled around a child’s neck with devastating consequences,” Dr Noone said.

“We encourage all householders in Victoria to be vigilant and prevent this from happening to their own children, by installing a simple yet effective device to stop curtain and blind cords from hanging loose.

“It is not just parents who need to be wary, as this is just as much of a danger to the children of friends, family or neighbours.

“The free curtain and blind cord safety kit includes five devices that secure looped cords to a window frame, so these don’t hang down in the reach of little hands.”

A child can get tangled in loose cords when they are:

  • in a cot or bed where cords are hanging
  • playing near cords, or
  • standing on a chair, sofa or bed to look out of a window.

The free kits can be ordered via the online order form in our Curtain and blind cord safety section or over the phone on 1300 55 81 81. The kits are best suited to roller blinds with looped cords and wooden window frames.

The kit is one of a variety of simple safety devices to suit a variety of window finishes, with other safety devices also on offer at many hardware stores, curtain makers and soft furnishing stores.

For more information, view our Curtain and blind cord safety section.

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