Variety stores fined for unsafe products

19 Jul 2012

NSW Fair Trading reported that two variety stores, Hot Price Pty Ltd trading as Kia Variety at Blacktown and Changyu Enterprise Pty Ltd trading as PTK Variety at St Marys, have been ordered to pay $8,550 and $1,142 respectively in fines and costs by Parramatta Local Court for supplying unsafe products.

NSW Fair Trading investigators visited both stores during pre-Christmas product safety checks last year and found a number of items for sale that raised safety concerns.

At the Kia Variety store at 75 Main Street Blacktown, they found children’s toys - Yellow Squeaky Ducks, Squeaker Toys (Duck, Rabbit, Bear and Dog- 4 piece set) and Happy Baby Baby Rattle (4 piece set), as well as Christmas wreath candle holders (five different varieties).

At the PTK Variety store at 105 Queen Street St Marys, they found the children’s toys, Build Set Cement Truck and projectile toy Kingsport Modern Design Crossbow.

The toys were tested for compliance with Australian product safety standards.

During a drop and tension test, the Yellow Squeaky Ducks, Squeaker Toys (Duck, Rabbit, Bear and Dog- 4 piece set), Happy Baby Baby Rattle (4 piece set) and Build Set Cement Truck lacked the durability necessary to withstand normal use by a child aged 3 years and under. The squeaker toys, baby rattle set and toy truck also contained small parts dangerous to a small child. The battery compartment on the toy truck could be opened easily, making the batteries accessible.

The Christmas wreath candle holders were tested and identified as a fire risk. Under the Australian Consumer Law, candle holders are subject to a permanent ban if they catch on fire and remain on fire for 5 seconds or more.

The crossbow failed testing and was identified as a safety hazard because the discharge mechanism was able to fire objects including coins, ballpens and pencils. Under the Australian Consumer Law, projectile toys must not be designed to discharge any other type of potentially hazardous improvised projectiles.

NSW Fair Trading Commissioner Rod Stowe said Fair Trading had previously issued Hot Price Pty Ltd and Changyu Enterprise Pty Ltd penalty notices for non-compliance.

In May 2011, Hot Price Pty Ltd was issued with a $500 penalty notice for selling an unapproved energy saving lamp in breach of the Electricity (Consumer Safety) Act 2004.

In June 2009, Changyu Enterprise Pty Ltd was issued with a $550 penalty notice for supplying non compliant children’s toys and laser pointers in breach of the Fair Trading Act 1987.

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