TAS: Swimming Pool Safety Standards


Portable and inflatable swimming pools will need to come with mandatory safety warnings under new national safety standards to be introduced later this month.

The Director of Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading, Mr Mark Cocker, said as of March 30, portable pools, as well as their retail packaging, will be required to feature new warning labels that clearly outline potential drowning hazards associated with the products.

"The temporary nature of inflatable and portable pools means they are often not fenced, which poses a serious safety risk – particularly to young children," Mr Cocker said.

The new mandatory warning labels will highlight state and territory fencing laws for pools, including inflatable and portable pools.

In Tasmania, inflatable or portable pools that are deeper than 30 centimeters need to be surrounded by a swimming pool fence.

"Sadly, drowning can occur in seconds, and adults supervising children must always ensure that they empty and store portable pools safely when not in use."

"These new, mandatory safety labels are key to raising awareness of the danger portable pools pose to children," Mr Cocker said.

"Often, people mistakenly think that portable pools do not pose the same drowning hazard as other types of pools, simply because they are not as deep."

"The new mandatory standard will ensure that clear messages are provided about the dangers associated with portable pools, when purchasing and using these products."

Safety tips:

  • Always empty portable pools when not in use.
  • Always store portable pools safely away from young children when not in use.
  • Store the pool in a way that prevents small amounts of water being collected in the pool as a result of rain or nearby sprinklers.
  • Ensure larger inflatable or portable pools are surrounded by a swimming pool fence.
  • Consult your local government authority to confirm specific fencing requirements in your area.
  • Always actively supervise children from within arm's reach when they are in and around the water.
  • Never rely on older children to supervise younger children, no matter how confident you are about their ability to watch the younger child.

For more information, visit the portable swimming pools page on the Product Safety Australia website: www.productsafety.gov.au

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