Sydney retailer pays for ignoring toy safety

28 Jul 2011

NSW Fair Trading Commissioner Rod Stowe today said a retailer with six stores across Sydney had been convicted of selling unsafe children’s toys and ordered to pay $3,216 by Parramatta Local Court.

Mr Stowe said Fortune Luck Pty Ltd, trading as Clever Bean Kidz Wear, operates stores at Bankstown, Mount Druitt, Rouse Hill, Liverpool, Casula and St Mary’s.

“In October last year, NSW Fair Trading inspectors visited the stores at Bankstown, Mount Druitt and Rouse Hill and found on sale the children’s toy, Animal Drumroll Car,” he said.

“At the Bankstown store, a second toy, Cartoon Piano – Ya Fa, was also identified by NSW Fair Trading inspectors.

“Rigorous testing revealed the toys failed to meet the requirements of the Australian Standard due to small parts coming loose, potentially causing a choking hazard for young children.”

Mr Stowe said it is imperative that suppliers of children’s toys understand their obligations under the Standard and obey the law.

“In this case, these dangerous toys were found on sale at different locations across Sydney, which is a serious breach of the public’s trust,” he said.

“One of the most important areas of product safety relates to children’s toys and parents have the right to expect the toys they purchase for their children are safe to use.”

Under the Australian Consumer Law traders face fines of up to $1,100,000 for corporations and $220,000 for individuals for supplying products that do not meet product safety regulations.

The Commissioner said NSW Fair Trading would not tolerate dangerous products in the marketplace and would take quick and decisive action against anyone found to be breaking the law.

Tips on buying toys for children:

  • Check for sharp edges or rough surfaces as they can cause cuts and splinters.
  • Buy washable, non-breakable toys for babies. Anything small enough to fit into a 35mm film canister can choke a child under three years old.
  • Toy chests and boxes should be designed not to close on top of children, or better still with a removable lid. Anything big enough to crawl inside must have ventilation holes.
  • Read the age labelling on new toys. 'Not suitable for children under three' means that there are small parts which could be swallowed; it is not an indication of skill level or intelligence.
  • Check toys regularly for loose parts which may be choking dangers.
  • Check that there are no gaps or holes which could entrap a child's fingers.
  • If buying a projectile toy, only choose ones that have soft, one-piece darts or non-removable suction caps.
  • Be wary of toys that make loud noises as they can be harmful to hearing. Particularly toys which are held against the ear, such as walkie talkies and toy mobile phones.
  • Check for ventilation before buying tents, masks, helmets etc.
  • Ensure that ride-on toys are appropriate to the age of the child and are stable. Toy bikes should have effective brakes which can be applied by the rider.
  • Check toys that contain magnets to ensure that they have not come loose. Remove loose magnets from the toy box.

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