Safe Summer 2016


Enjoy a Safe Summer by making sure the products you use are safe for you and your family.

Australian summers are full of activities that use common consumer products. Whether you plan on some do-it-yourself maintenance around the home, cooling off in the kiddie pool, having a barbeque with friends, or hitting the trails and going camping, we've got the safety tips to help everyone avoid injuries.

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Ho ho-- OUCH! Watch this video as Santa learns about the importance of product safety this Christmas.

Safe summer essentials

To help you enjoy summer activities safely check our safety information or watch our videos on:

  • button batteries
  • blinds and curtain cords
  • choke check tool
  • do-it-yourself activities
  • ethanol fireplaces and burners
  • keeping baby safe
  • ladder safety
  • laundry detergent capsules
  • portable swimming pools
  • toppling furniture
  • quad bikes.

Retailers and suppliers can download and print out the posters and brochures for display in stores.

Button batteries

Kids have died after swallowing button batteries. Keep them out of sight and reach.


Choke Check tool

Kids under 3 may choke on small parts. Check age-grading, warnings & choking hazards. Download our free do-it-yourself Choke check tool


Do-it-yourself activities

Safety tips on using vehicle jacks, trolley jacks, luggage straps during DIY activities around home


Ethanol fireplaces and burners

Decorative ethanol fireplace and burners can cause very serious burn injuries.


Keeping baby safe

The guide for expectant parents, parents and carers of children under 5 to ensure your baby remains safe in your home.

Ladder safety

Mainly men get seriously injured or killed after falling from a ladder.


Laundry detergent capsules

These can cause severe burns and injuries if swallowed or mishandled. Keep them out of reach of children.

Portable pools

Children can drown in portable swimming pools. Always supervise kids from within arm’s reach and empty the pool after each use.

Quad bikes

Many people, including children, have died or have been seriously injured from quad bikes (four-wheeled motorbikes).


Toppling furniture

Unstable furniture can trap or crush a child. Secure furniture to walls and floors and discourage small children from climbing on it.

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