Safe Summer 2015


Stay safe this summer by knowing how to check for unsafe products and get tips on how to use common summertime products safely.

During the summertime we tend to use some products more than at other times of the year. That's why it's important to know how to choose and use these products safely.

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Tips for a safe summer

Watch this space as we add new consumer product safety tips each week, with links to more information.

You can get started on a safer summer by checking for summertime products, toys or Christmas gifts that may have been recalled:

Kids under 3 are at risk of choking on small objects. Check surroundings using our DIY Choke Check tool.

Portable pool keeping the kids cool? Empty & store it after use – kids can drown in only a little water. See portable pool safety tips.

Decorative ethanol fireplaces can cause very serious burn injuries. See tips & video on using one safely: Ethanol fireplaces and table top burners

How quickly can a poorly-made novelty candle start a fire on a table? Keep candles away from flammable festive decorations and watch the video on our alert page: Candle holders and decorations safety

Check festive decorations and household devices for accessible batteries. Button batteries can kill if swallowed – keep out sight and out of reach of children.

Swimming and flotation aids are not safety devices and neither are flotation and aquatic toys. To help avoid drowning, ensure constant adult supervision.

Children can drown in portable pools. Always actively supervise kids from within arm’s reach.

Buying gifts for kids? Check age-grading, warnings & choking hazards. Kids under three years old may choke on small parts. You can download our free do-it-yourself Choke Check tool from our website:

Kids have died after swallowing button batteries. These batteries are in everyday products. Keep them out of reach.

‎Santa‬ would be pretty distressed if one of the gifts he left under a tree was subject to a safety recall. Avoid distress and potential product safety hazards for your loved ones by checking whether any presents you’re giving are on this particular list: (Hint: you can search by category too!)



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