Recalls save lives

13 Jan 2010

Fair Trading Minister Virginia Judge is urging consumers not to become blasé about product safety recalls following the explosion of an oven at Windsor over the weekend.

Ms Judge said the cook top of the Westinghouse oven, which was recalled nationally in 2006, exploded blowing a hole in the bottom of the saucepan.

“It only takes you a few moments to check whether you have purchased a recalled product, but it could save your life,” she said.

“Thankfully, in this case the owner of the oven was lucky to escape uninjured.

“However, every year an estimated 30 Australians are killed and up to 500 are seriously injured by faulty products.

“Faults are sometimes not obvious to the consumer and can have potentially serious impacts.”

Ms Judge said the Westinghouse oven (model pak140w) was recalled in August 2006 because it posed a serious fire hazard to consumers.

“In some instances, the prongs holding the oven’s insulation break causing it to come apart under the oven floor. The floor under the stove may heat up and even scorch the flooring,” she said.

“The product safety recall was advertised nationwide in all major papers and published on

“While 90 per cent of the ovens have been returned to the supplier and manufacturer there are still hundreds of people who have overlooked the recall.”

Ms Judge said the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is currently carrying out a review of the effectiveness of the product recall system.

“The review will identify if areas need improving so that the Federal Government can deal with the recall of unsafe goods as effectively as possible,” she said.

“I encourage consumers to have their say on product safety recalls online at”

If you have any concerns about recalls phone 1300 302 502.

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