QLD: Safety all the way


Safety bells are jingling as the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) launches its annual toysafety blitz to ensure toys sold for Christmas meet Australian safety standards.

Consumers are urged to be careful with what they buy for the festive season as OFT targets portable swimming pools, toys for children under three and children’s toys containing magnets. Banned products, projectile toys, finger paints and toys containing lead and toys containing batteries are also under scrutiny.

Fair Trading officers routinely work with retailers across the State to educate the marketplace about the safe use and sale of consumer products and perform compliance and enforcement of mandatory standards.

Officers will proactively spot check retailers, wholesalers and importers of goods and investigate complaints about unsafe goods.

Fair Trading Acting Executive Director Sharon Simmers said it was essential for toy retailers to do their homework and check that all products sold meet required safety standards.

“The safety of children who may use these toys is our primary concern,” Ms Simmers said.

“Our goal is to continue working together with retailers to ensure all businesses are aware of their obligations.

“Significant enforcement and penalties will apply for the sale of banned products, or if any trader is found to be in breach of safety standards.”

Mandatory safety standards are directed towards products that have known hazards associated with them. Mandatory information standards provide key information to consumers so that they can make the best possible purchasing decision.

  • Parents are urged to follow the Five S's of Toy Safety to conduct their own safety checks: Size - the smaller the child the bigger the toy should be (anything smaller than a 35 millimetre film canister or ping pong ball is too small for a child under three).
  • Shape - be wary of products that, because of their shape, may be easily swallowed or have sharp edges or points.
  • Surface - make sure all finishes are non-toxic (this should be stated on packaging).
  • Strings - anything over 30cm is a strangulation hazard for a small child and should be removed.
  • Supervision - nothing replaces close supervision.

A list of toys withdrawn from sale during the 2014 Christmas blitz can be viewed on the OFT website.

Traders can find information on toy safety standards and product bans on this website.

Any toys suspected of being unsafe can be reported to the OFT at www.qld.gov.au/fairtrading or by calling 13 QGOV (13 74 68).

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General enquiries: 13 QGOV (13 74 68)

Media contact: 07 3247 5968 or 07 3247 5965

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