NT: Territory Day promotional bracelet


Intex International Group Pty Ltd has issued a Product Safety Recall for the promotional bracelets contained in the Territory Day merchandise packs, recently distributed through schools by the Northern Territory Government.

Territorians are being asked to dispose of the bracelets as the battery compartment is easily accessible and young children may gain access to the internal button batteries.

Safety is the first priority, that’s why the Northern Territory Government is urging parents to dispose of the bracelets safely as soon as possible in the rubbish bin.

Although the bracelets were distributed to primary school aged children and above, the product may be found by or given to younger children.

Young children, particularly those under three years of age are at a higher risk of ingesting batteries because as we all know, young children often put foreign objects in their mouth.

“As there is also a choking hazard associated with any small object, I would recommend adults pay particular attention to these messages,” said Dr Len Notaras AM, Chief Executive Officer, Department of Health.

Button batteries are coin-sized batteries found in calculators, toys, TV remote controls, reading lights, talking and singing books and greeting cards. If swallowed, button batteries can cause significant, permanent injuries.

“If a parent suspects that their child has swallowed a battery they should seek medical assistance immediately,” Dr Notaras said.

The Northern Territory Government is supporting the recall through public print and radio advertising as well as communicating directly through existing networks.

Further details - https://www.recalls.gov.au/content/index.phtml/itemId/952869/fromItemId/952867

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