NSW: Safety warning: Australian RV Gooseneck trailer and Hijack Fifth Wheel Assembly Hitch


NSW Fair Trading Commissioner Rod Stowe today issued a public warning about the safety of Australian RV Gooseneck 5th wheeler trailers and Hijacker Fifth Wheel Assembly Hitches due to non-compliance with Australian Design Rules.

The vehicles were sold by Play Mor Pty Ltd; Newcastle RVs Pty Ltd; and Newcastle RV Specialists Pty Ltd over the past four years. The companies’ former director is James Fredrick Kaufmann.

Play Mor Pty Ltd and Newcastle RVs Pty Ltd are now in liquidation. Newcastle RV Specialists Pty Ltd is now trading as RV Specialists Pty Ltd.

Mr Stowe said NSW Fair Trading has been working closely with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Roads and Maritime Services and the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development about the safety issue.

“Australian RV Gooseneck 4.5 tonne heavy vehicle trailers with VIN’s beginning with 1JW100 are the subject of a current national voluntary recall,” he said.

“Non-compliance includes low exterior lighting visibility; rear bumper mounted too high; king pin and skid plate may not have required markings; and the braking system may not be the correct configuration.”

Mr Stowe said Fair Trading is warning the public about the Australian RV Gooseneck trailers under 4.5 tonne commencing with the same VIN 1JW100 as there are concerns these may have similar safety issues.

“Fair Trading is also issuing a warning about the Hijacker Fifth Wheel Assembly Hitches as James Kaufmann has not provided Roads and Maritime Services with any evidence that these products are compliant with Australian Design Rules,” he said.

“These problems pose a significant danger to the vehicle operator as well as other road users and need to be addressed immediately.”

Mr Stowe said any consumer who has purchased an Australian RV Gooseneck trailer or Hijacker Fifth Wheel Assembly Hitch from Play Mor Pty Ltd; Newcastle RVs Pty Ltd; or Newcastle RV Specialists Pty Ltd, are encouraged to have their vehicles inspected immediately.

“Affected consumers should contact James Kaufmann who now trades under RV Specialists Pty Ltd and Summer Life RV Pty Ltd on 02 4954 6652 to remedy the problem,” he said.

For more information visit Product Safety Recalls Australia or the Fair Trading website.

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