NSW: Blitz on Dangerous Toys and Electrical Products


New South Wales, Minister for Fair Trading Anthony Roberts today revealed 146 varieties of toys and 17 electrical products, seized and removed from sale by Fair Trading in its Christmas safety blitz.

Mr Roberts said Fair Trading visited a record number of retail outlets across the state this year in the lead up to Christmas.

“Fair Trading investigators inspected 1,133 retail outlets across 257 towns throughout NSW to identify and remove dangerous toys from sale,” Mr Roberts said.

“Electrical product safety inspections at more than 100 NSW outlets and markets have so far resulted in six businesses being fined $550 for first offences.”

Mr Roberts said individuals caught selling dangerous toys face a maximum fine of $220,000 and corporations could be fined up to $1.1 million.

“Traders who are willing to put a child’s safety at risk by selling a dangerous toy face very serious penalties and I urge retailers to check a product complies with the law before they put it on their shelves,” Mr Roberts said.

The 146 varieties of non-compliant toys uncovered by Fair Trading were found at 65 outlets in the Sydney metropolitan area and 14 regional locations.

The non-compliant toys include:

  • 122 varieties of toys for children under three which could be a choking hazard.
  • 14 projectile toys with the potential to cause significant eye injuries.
  • 10 varieties of toys with cords that could strangle a child.

Fair Trading electrical safety experts have so far found 17 different types of electrical products which are not approved for sale and potentially dangerous, including remote control helicopters, remote control cars, lamps, a decorative metal tree and Christmas lights.

Mr Roberts said major department stores had strict quality and safety checks in place but Fair Trading had serious concerns about businesses, which only appear in the lead up to Christmas, selling electrical goods.

“Businesses that crop up at this time of year and disappear soon after, are a real concern and I urge consumers to buy Christmas gifts at reputable outlets with good refund and return policies,” Mr Roberts said.

“Before you purchase an electrical product, make sure it has an approved safety mark and if you have any suspicions or doubts about whether a toy or electrical product is safe, check with Fair Trading on 13 32 20.”

Photographs of the dangerous toys and electrical products can be found on the Fair Trading website at www.fairtrading.nsw.gov.au.

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