NSW bans the sale of non-compliant (outdoor) gas heaters


NSW Fair Trading Commissioner Rod Stowe announced a ban on the sale of certain models of area (outdoor) gas heaters due to non-compliance with the Australian Standard.

Mr Stowe said from today retailers and suppliers are prohibited from selling certain models of area heaters in NSW.

“Furthermore, consumers should not purchase these heaters online through a third party,” he said.

“This is not a product recall so for consumers and businesses who already own area heaters, they are cautioned to carefully follow Fair Trading’s safety instructions when it comes to operating and storing these products.”

Under the Gas (Consumer Safety) Regulation 2012 (the Regulation) area heaters are required to be certified prior to sale in NSW.

Mr Stowe said Fair Trading has acted in response to some models of area heaters available in the marketplace that, while certified, do not comply with the Australian Standard.

“Area heaters, also referred to as decorative outdoor heaters, column heaters and pyramid heaters, are fuelled by an LPG cylinder and has a source of ignition greater than 1.8 metres from the ground,” he said.

“There are LPG fuelled area heaters in the marketplace, where the source of ignition is less than 1.8m from the ground, and these do not comply with the Australian Standard.”

Mr Stowe said as the design of these heaters include a low flame area, they increase the risk of accidental touching, particularly by children, and clothing catching on fire when too near.

“The closely located gas cylinder and flame in these heaters means they should never be used within an enclosed area or in-doors,” he said.

Mr Stowe said NSW Fair Trading has been working with all four gas product certifiers as well the other Australian State and Territory regulators to ensure the removal of
non-compliant products from NSW shelves.

“There have been no known incidents in NSW reported to Fair Trading,” he said.

“There has been one known incident in Australia involving these types of heaters which occurred in Victoria in August 2012 and resulted in a fatality by carbon monoxide poisoning.”

Mr Stowe said the area heaters affordability and mobility have made them a popular instantaneous heating choice for households and businesses.

“For those consumers and businesses who already own an area heater, Fair Trading has developed a fact sheet and set of frequently asked questions to assist with the safe use of these products,” he said.

“Retailers and suppliers are legally required to remove these items from their shelves immediately.

“Fair Trading has written to all known NSW retailers and suppliers of the affected area heaters and officers will be conducting follow-up visits to ensure compliance with the ban.”

For more information and a copy of the fact sheet visit the NSW Fair Trading website.

Banned models of area (outdoor) gas heaters due to non-compliance

Above: Banned models of area (outdoor) gas heaters due to non-compliance

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