Media releases

9 Nov 2012

VIC: Dekech Pty Ltd and Kim Huee Lee - Enforceable undertaking

Victoria, Springvale-based company Dekech Pty Ltd and its director, Kim Huee Lee have admitted breaching the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) by supplying, offering and possessing hydraulic trolley jacks which failed to comply with safety standards.
6 Sep 2012

Mobility scooters not restricted to the elderly: NRMA & ACCC release report

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission and NRMA Motoring & Services are highlighting the need for more education on integrating mobility scooters into local communities after survey results show scooter use is widespread across all age groups and people are using scooters to fill a variety of needs.
24 Jul 2012

ACCC winter safety tips prompted by product recalls

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission issued its top five winter product safety tips following recalls of popular products in the cold winter months.
28 May 2012

Trolley jack supplier pays for breaching safety standard

TWM Imports Pty Ltd has paid three infringement notices totalling $19,800 and provided a court enforceable undertaking for supplying hydraulic trolley jacks which failed the mandatory safety standard.