Media releases

21 Nov 2011

Parents Warned About Buying Unsafe Child Car Restraints Online

Parents are being warned not to purchase a type of child car restraint being sold online that appears to breach Australia's mandatory safety standards, said Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer, David Bradbury.
20 Nov 2011

Consumer Watchdog Blitz on Dodgy Christmas Toys

Dangerous toys will be removed from shelves in the lead-up to Christmas as consumer affairs agencies blitz thousands of stores, markets and online shops, said Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer, David Bradbury.
20 Nov 2011

Deadly toys creep back onto market

The Queensland Office of Fair Trading (OFT) is reminding parents and traders about the dangers of ‘yo-yo balls’ following the seizure of more than 20,000 of the banned toys in recent weeks.
28 Oct 2011

Toxic lead levels in children's Halloween face paints

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has found a children’s face paint with excessive levels of lead being sold on the Australian market in the lead up to Halloween.
26 Oct 2011

ACCC: Company penalised $40,000 for breaching product safety standard

The Federal Court has penalised Sontax Australia (1988) Pty Ltd $40,000 for the supply of luggage straps with non-compliant warnings labels following action by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.
26 Oct 2011

Don’t be a jackass with car jacks

A high number of Australian men die or are seriously injured each year while working under their cars using vehicle jacks, stands, and/or ramps, and Consumer Protection is keen to see a dramatic drop in these incidents.
26 Oct 2011

Don't be a Jackass with Jacks

SA Deputy Commissioner for Consumer Affairs, Anne Gale, today announced the launch ofthe national don’t be a jackass with jacks campaign that seeks to mitigate serious injury and even death caused by people working underneath their vehicles.
25 Oct 2011

Don't be a jackass!

Qld Office Fair Trading product safety expert, Dave Strachan, today urged home mechanics not to be jackasses ahead of a nationwide do-it-yourself safety campaign.
24 Oct 2011

Bunk bed safety priority for Kidsafe Day

The Qld Office of Fair Trading is using Kidsafe Day (Tues 25 Oct) to remind Queenslanders of the potential dangers of unsafe bunk beds.
21 Oct 2011

Cabramatta retailer fined for breaching product safety laws

NSW Fair Trading Commissioner Rod Stowe today said a Cabramatta retailer had been ordered to pay $3,910 by Parramatta Local Court for selling children’s toys that posed a serious safety risk.