Launch of blind cord safety campaign to prevent WA child deaths

8 Dec 2009

Consumer Protection is launching a new safety campaign today to warn parents and carers of children about the dangers of blind and curtain cords in a bid to prevent further child deaths.

The most recent tragedy, in October, involved a two-year-old in Victoria dying from strangulation and since the early 1990s there have been at least 15 blind cord related child deaths across Australia.

Commissioner for Consumer Protection Anne Driscoll believes some people are still unaware of the hazard curtain and blind cords represent for children.
“It’s a sad fact that loose blind and curtain cords can kill - we have seen that firsthand in WA - and the aim of our campaign is to make adults aware of the urgent need to keep them fixed out of reach so that children are not in danger,” she said.

“Don’t just check cords in your own home but also when you are visiting people or staying in holiday accommodation. If they’re not secured, secure them. Also make sure children can’t reach from their cot or use chairs or boxes to climb up. Following these simple steps will save lives!”

Product safety officers in WA will be spreading the word with manufacturers, real estate agents and promoting the message to the general public at shows and expos. This is part of a nationwide campaign coordinated by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

Commissioner Driscoll added: “Of particular concern are older blinds which were designed before 2004 when it became law in WA for loop cords to be secured. Nowadays we also have the safer option of a wand rather than a cord and people may want to consider that when having blinds installed.”

For more information log onto click Business then Product Safety. Anyone with specific blind cord safety concerns can call the Consumer Protection advice line on 1300 30 40 54.


(Consumer Protection is a division of the Department of Commerce)

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