Global online sweep for product safety

1 May 2015

This week the ACCC led the beginning of a coordinated product safety sweep of online shopping websites.

The sweep will study the availability of unsafe products from suppliers online. The information gathered will help the ACCC and other international regulators understand the issues facing product safety online.

In total, 25 countries are participating in this project including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Chile, Japan, Korea, United States, Turkey, and 17 member states from the European Union.

During the sweep, participants will survey a number of online shopping websites to identify:

  • banned or recalled products that are available for sale
  • non-compliant product labelling
  • products with potential unsafe design features and compliance issues (these will be purchased and submitted for further laboratory testing).

Results from this online sweep will be available from September 2015 onwards. The work will also be presented at the OECD Ministerial Conference on the Digital Economy in June 2016, in Cancun, Mexico.

This increase in understanding will allow regulators to develop strategies for working together, or individually, to tackle common issues facing regulators in online product safety.

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