Easter eggs and toys tested

1 Apr 2010

Consumers can feel confident that they’re not getting short changed on the quantity or quality of novelty toys or chocolates purchased this Easter.

Commissioner for Consumer Affairs, David Green said "Before the excitement of Easter egg hunts begin, thousands of confectionery items are checked to make sure they’re not underweight and hundreds of novelty toy items are checked for compliance with safety requirements."

More than 3000 Easter confectionery items have been tested by Trade Measurement inspectors from the Office of Consumer and Business Affairs (OCBA), with 24 items falling short of the weight statement marked on the packaging. Traders took immediate action to remove from sale all of those items. Most of the items were underweight by less than one percent, with the greatest discrepancy being 2.61 percent.

Three traders were also issued with warning notices for items not being correctly labelled.

Overall, Trade Measurement inspectors visited 66 traders checking Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies and boxed chocolates.

The Commissioner said "This high level of compliance is good news for consumers as they’re largely getting what they pay for this Easter".

OCBA’s Product Safety inspectors checked nearly three hundred Easter toy items across 24 department stores, discount stores and supermarkets, with five toys presenting safety concerns. The items include two rabbit toys, a soft dog toy, a soft duck toy and a chicken bag, all of which had small parts that could easily break off which poses an inhalation or ingestion hazard to small children.

"OCBA has had the suppliers and the retailer remove these items from sale until further testing has been completed" says the Commissioner.

"If these items pass safety tests they can be put back on shelves, but if they fail then the items will need to be recalled."

If consumers have any safety concerns about their purchased Easter products, they should contact OCBA’s product safety section on 8152 0732. For concerns about underweight or incorrectly labelled goods contact OCBA’s Trade Measurement section on 8234 2036.

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