Dangerous Liquid Lolly Banned in South Australia

19 Oct 2010

A liquid lolly, called ‘Sweetman’s Wicked Fizz Liquid Candy’ has been banned today from South Australia, with lolly shops and general stores required to take it off their shelves and withdraw it from sale.

Minister Gago says the liquid confectionary, sold in a deodorant-type container with a roller ball, has caused a choking incident for a child in Queensland.

“Last Friday the Office of Consumer and Business Affairs (OCBA) was advised that an 8 year-old child in Queensland choked on the product and received treatment in the emergency department of a Brisbane hospital.” Ms Gago said.

“Tests now carried out by our consumer inspectors in South Australia have found that the roller ball easily dislodges, with some force, into a child’s mouth if they squeeze the container to access the confection.  

“The OCBA Product Safety Unit’s investigation assessed the Chinese-made product as a high risk to children under 12 and it will now be removed from the shelves of South Australian retailers.”

The ban will be gazetted this afternoon after Minister Gago this morning formally declared the product a “dangerous good.”

“Retailers found to be selling the product will face a penalty of up to $10,000,” Ms Gago said.

“South Australia is the first State to ban the product, and it’s understood the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission are now considering a national product recall.

“I would also urge any South Australians who have bought this product to immediately take it away from children and dispose of it.”

“The product does carry very small warnings ‘not suitable for children under 3 years’ and ‘do not squeeze’ on a removable wrapper.

“However the chances are that young children will not heed a warning from a parent or carer or read the product labelling and we believe it’s important to ensure that no children are put at risk of a dangerous product.”

Minister Gago says there are other brands of similar confection products on sale that have more rigid containers, where the ball does not dislodge when squeezed. 

Sweetman’s Wicked Fizz Liquid Candy is a product of China and distributed in Australian by a Queensland based company SRS (Qld) Pty Ltd.

Anyone who spots ‘Sweetman’s Wicked Fizz Liquid Candy’ products for sale at South Australians retailers can notify the Office of Business and Consumer Affairs by calling (08) 8152 0732.

Contact details

For more information, contact Loine Sweeney on 0407 395 467.

Consumers can consult the Product Safety Australia website www.productsafety.gov.au for product safety advice.