Consultation on international standards associations to be named in regulations

9 May 2016

The ACCC has released a consultation paper seeking stakeholder comments on a list of trusted standards associations that we propose to include in a Regulation.


The Australian Consumer Law (ACL)empowers the Commonwealth Minister to ban a product or to make an enforceable safety standard. Enforceable safety standards are often based on voluntary Australian or international standards.


Under section 105 of the ACL, the Minister for Small Business and Assistant Treasurer may ‘declare’ a voluntary standard prepared by Standards Australia, or by another association prescribed in the regulations, to be an enforceable safety standard.


The regulations do not currently prescribe any standards associations so the Minister cannot declare a standard made by any organisation other than Standards Australia.


 The purpose of the consultation is to seek the views of stakeholders on what associations the ACCC should advise the Minister to include in the regulation.


 NOTE: A list of prescribed associations will not change the process for developing or declaring an enforceable safety standard which will continue to require public consultation on specific options. Stakeholder comment is used to inform ACCC advice presented to the Minister for decision.


Contact details

To comment using the Consultation Hub go to:

Other ways to make comments are listed in the Paper.

The Consultation Closes on 7 June 2016



Attached documents

Consultation paper - International standards associations - April 2016 ( DOCX 92.37 KB )

Consultation paper - International standards associations - April 2016 ( PDF 206.54 KB )