ACCC Christmas / New Year arrangements

23 Dec 2011

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission will have limited operations during the Christmas and New Year period.

The ACCC Infocentre (1300 302 502) will be:

  • open until 9 p.m. Eastern Summer Time 23 December 2011
  • open from 8:30 a.m. until 6 p.m. on 29 and 30 December, and
  • resume normal operations at 8:30 a.m. on 3 January 2012.

ACCC offices will be closed from noon on 23 December 2011 until 8:30 a.m. on 3 January 2012.

During the shutdown period, product safety mandatory reports can be made online at and recall notifications can be made via the Recalls website, For other product safety queries, please contact the Infocentre on 3 January.

Businesses wishing to lodge a notification or an application for an authorisation decision should email Notifications and applications for authorisation lodged by email should be accompanied by a covering letter which includes details of how and when the lodgement fee will be paid. Notifications and applications for authorisation will not be considered validly lodged until the relevant fee has been paid.

Any queries or information that businesses would like to submit to the ACCC in relation to a merger or acquisition (whether or not the ACCC is presently reviewing that merger or acquisition) should be emailed to:  Alternatively, phone (02) 6243 1274 during business hours.

Applicants wishing to lodge a request under the Freedom of Information Act 1982, should note that the FOI team will assess the validity of new requests when the ACCC office re-opens on 3 January 2012. Enquiries about existing FOI requests which are received via mail or email during the shutdown period will also be processed on 3 January.

Mail will be received and processed as usual on 28 and 29 December, and from 3 January.

During the Christmas / New Year period media inquiries should be directed to 0408 995 408.

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