Miniature motorbikes with unsafe design features

Mini monkey bikes powered by petrol motors, and those with inadequate safety features are banned from sale in Australia.

About the ban

Monkey bikes are small replicas of popular motorcycles scaled down to about half the size. Monkey bikes are unsafe and can cause serious injuries if they:

  • have unstable structures and mechanical flaws
  • lack an emergency stopping device
  • lack effective brakes and steering
  • lack adequate footholds.

Monkey bikes that fail to comply with minimum safety standards for throttle, braking, steering and supplemental engine stop are banned from supply in Australia.

Only miniature motorbikes with inadequate safety features (as specified in the ban) and powered by internal combustion engines are subject to this ban. Electric powered monkey bikes are exempt from this ban.

Complying with the ban

Consumer Protection Notice No. 24 of 2011 sets out the requirements of this ban.


We’re currently reviewing the Consumer Protection Notice No.24 of 2011 – Permanent ban on miniature motorbikes (monkey bikes) with unsafe design features to assess whether the ban remains effective following analysis of death and injury statistics, and market developments (i.e. the supply of increasingly powerful electrically powered vehicles).


Failure to supply compliant products can result in the ACCC taking action, culminating in:

  • infringement notices of $10 200 for companies and $2040 for individuals
  • court enforceable undertakings
  • disqualification from being a company director
  • court action with penalties up to $1.1m for companies or $220 000 for individuals
  • recall of product.

See: Penalties & consequences.