Combustible candle holders

Candle holders and decorations that ignite from the heat of the candle are permanently banned from supply in Australia.

About the ban

The ban applies to objects that are designed to hold or decorate a candle, which when subjected to flame or heat emanating from a candle, ignite and continue to flame for a period of five seconds or more after ignition.

Complying with the ban

Consumer Protection Notice No. 12 of 2011 sets out the requirements of this ban.


Failure to supply compliant products can result in the ACCC taking action, culminating in:

  • infringement notices of $10 200 for companies and $2040 for individuals
  • court enforceable undertakings
  • disqualification from being a company director
  • court action with penalties up to $1.1m for companies or $220 000 for individuals
  • recall of product.

See: Penalties & consequences.