Consumer protection notice No. 8 of 2013 - Safety warning notice (Fire wallets)

Fire wallets are a product used by magic enthusiasts and are also a novelty item. They have the appearance of a regular leather wallet but when opened they can produce a large flame.
Date published: 
23 Nov 2013

Sunglasses and fashion spectacles: Consumer purchasing decisions

This report contains results of an Australian consumer survey on sunglasses and fashion spectacles.
Date published: 
28 Oct 2013

Trampoline safety—it’s flippin’ important

Hundreds of Australian children are taken to hospital every year for trampoline-related injuries such as cuts, sprains and fractures. Follow the steps in this fact card to help keep your trampoline safe.
Date published: 
7 Oct 2013

The state of product safety: Jurisdiction comparisons

Provides a comparative outline of the product safety framework across 11 of the countries represented at the conference. It includes information on legislative structures, rules and regulations, management of unsafe goods, notification systems and future regulatory arrangements.
Date published: 
4 Oct 2013

Consumer protection notice No. 6 of 2013 - Proposed ban notice (Permanent ban on certain consumer goods containing synthetic drug substances)

This is a notice issued for a proposed permanent ban on certain consumer goods containing synthetic drug substances.
Date published: 
26 Aug 2013

Moveable soccer goal safety: Education pack

This pack contains various materials on soccer goal safety with information and steps you can take to help prevent accidental deaths and serious injuries to kids and teens. It is for anyone who is involved in coordinating soccer activities for young people.
Date published: 
15 Jul 2013

Wheat bags

Wheat bags are a popular choice for keeping the bed or body warm, but they have been linked to fires in Australia—so they need to be used with care.
Date published: 
11 Jul 2013

The game plan for moveable soccer goal safety - Anchor, check, respect DVD

Australian children and teenagers have been seriously injured and have died after moveable soccer goals were installed incorrectly and/or used inappropriately.

Date published: 
10 Jul 2013

Safe soccer goals guide: Keeping kids safe before, during and after the game

This guide provides information for teachers, coaches, volunteers and assistants involved in kids' soccer on how to make moveable soccer goals safer.
Date published: 
27 Jun 2013

Keeping baby safe - a guide to infant and nursery products

The Keeping Baby Safe Booklet provides some easy steps you can take to ensure your baby remains safe in your home.
Date published: 
18 Jun 2013